Bologna Restaurants


Absolute Favorite

Meloncello, Via Saragozza, 240/a Tel. 051 614 3947. Let the waiter describe the menu to you. All the pastas are rich and satisfying. Located at the base of steps up to San Luca, on the edge of town. Worth the taxi fare.

Very Very Good

Caminetto d’Oro, Via dei Falegnami 4, Tel. 39 051 263494. Centrally located, wonderful food, good service.

Great Food, locals

Ristorante Teresina, Via Oberdan 4, Tel. 39 051 228 985. In an alleyway but delicious and more sophisticated than you might imagine.

Good Food, Traditional

Ristorante Diana, Via dell’Indipendenza 24, Tel. 39 051 231302. Used to be the best restaurant in town. Good food but many complaints about snooty service. A bit overpriced to boot.

Casual + Good

Osteria alle due porte, Via del Pratello, 62, Tel. 39 051 523 565

Great Pizza, Pasta, Atmosphere, Service, lots of locals

Ristorante Pizzeria Scalinatella, Via Caduti di Cefalonia 5/e, Tel. 39 051 262 083. Very local scene, really good pizza, everything else good too. Casual and atmospheric.

Good + Near a great gelateria

Drogheria della Rosa, Via Cartoleria 10,, Tel. 39 051 222 529. Last choice on the list!

For lunch, try:

Eataly, Via degli Orefici 19, 39 051 095 2820. Everything here is delicious, very casual, perfect if you’re hungry or just want a salad after all the fattening food you’ve been eating

Tamburini, Via Caprarie 1, most fabulous deli/rosticceria. They have a seating area inside – always pack. Pick up food gifts here.



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