A perfect jewel of a city, Bologna is often missing from the list of top tourist destinations for travelers to Italy.  Who can say why?  But that’s good for the rest of us who enjoy a city in which locals actually live and work and go out to dinner and shop for food.  Ah, yes, the food.  Perhaps the most well-known is tagliatelle Bolognese, pictured below with just the right amount of sauce on the correctly sized pasta made with eggs.


There are the gorgeous salumi.  Strictly speaking, only mortadella is truly Bolognese, but the other salumi you will enjoy in Bologna are from the region, like prosciutto di Parma and the coppa piacentina.

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One of the pure culinary delights of the area is torta fritta, puffed pieces of fried dough into which you fold a piece of prosciutto or salumi.  The heat of the dough melts the fat in the meat and the result is divine.

Tortellini Bolognese in clear chicken broth is a cure for whatever ails you.











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